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Let EV Energy Inc. take the guess work out of your solar installation.


From initial consultation through design and implementation, our team of experts is with you every step of the way.

Ready to go Solar?

EV ENERGY Inc. Makes it EASY!

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Benefits of Owning Your Solar System vs Leasing

Keep 100% of generated power!

In the average solar lease up to 60% of the energy generated goes to the leasing company to offset the cost of equipment they supply.

Keep your Tax Credit!

Homeowners who install solar equipment they own can qualify for a 30% tax credit substantially lowering the cost of equipment. When you lease the equipment, the supplier collects the tax credit.

Choose your equipment

As a solar equipment purchaser you have the ability to tailor your system to meet your families exact needs.

Add Value to your Home

An owned solar system adds value to your home. A solar lease is a liability a future home buyer must also qualify for when purchasing your home.

We Prefer SolarEdge Inverter Equipment

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