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How Solar Attaches to your Roof

Have you ever wondered "so just how does solar attach to my roof? Is it safe? Will it make my roof leak?

Solar panels are attached to your roof with "Racking". An engineered system, made from extruded aluminum that is sized and ordered to exacting specifications for your unique installation.

EV-Energy only installs racking from Iron Ridge, the leader in residential solar racking systems.

Iron Ridge Racking from EV-Energy Inc.

With the Iron Ridge Racking System, everything is integrated from a single manufacturer and supplier.

  • Rails

  • Clamps

  • Stand-Offs

  • Flashing

  • Hardware

At EV-Energy Inc we LOVE Iron Ridge's Flash Foot mounting system. It eliminates the possibility of leaks from installing solar on your roof. Flash Foot is a completely integrated shingle / flashing and mounting system only available from Iron Ridge.

Have a look at this video explaining the benefits of the Flash Foot design.

Ready to talk about Solar? Give us a call today, or fill out our simple inquiry form, and we will get in touch with you to get you on the path to FREE energy!

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